Bruno Gazzetta

Bruno Gazzetta

Having adored German since I was in high school, I took a degree in the language and, as well as perfecting my English, I have since dedicated my time to studying Germanic languages.
I left the University of Turin unscathed, and I took many professional courses which allowed me to work as a technical translator and consolidate rewarding relationships with numerous Italian and foreign colleagues.

After attending a course on dubbing dialogues at an esteemed Turin dubbing company, I discovered a real passion and I started exploring the field of adaptation, one that still gives me great satisfaction.

In 2003, I opened an agency, GP Studio s.n.c., which allowed me to further develop services in the field of technical translation and to merge them with the profession of translator and adapter of audiovisual works.

Over the years, I have alternated the administrative management of the company with the training and coordination of numerous adapters and, after meeting with two real champions of the profession such as Cristina and Silvia, then came Words in Progress which, after a brief shake-down period, shifted gears to embark on more ambitious challenges.

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