Technical translations

The right word in the right place

We are a skilled and close-knit team using mother tongue translators, able to tackle large workloads with the utmost care and in respect of deadlines.

Each project is followed by a manager who coordinates a team of translators and editors who are specialised in the subject areas. Before delivering the project to the client, the texts are examined carefully including cross-checking with the original, and thus elevating the quality of the final product.

We produce translations of technical manuals and software guaranteeing rapid execution, low costs and in full compliance of the client’s needs for technical and specialised terminology, uniformity of the work and technical consistency.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • Manuals (electronics, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, information technology and telecommunications)
  • Scientific translations, specialising in biotechnology and chemistry
  • Advertising and editorial translations (from the organic sector and the green economy, to texts focusing on art, music, cooking, fashion, cosmetics, architecture, environment, food and nature)

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